Post Date PAR # Manufacturer Post name

Product Type

Model #
December 3, 2002 Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. CSA International and Milwaukee Tool Corp. Announce Voluntary Recall of Electric Grinders Electric grinders
November 7, 2002 Brother International Corporation (Canada) Ltd CSA International and Brother International Corporation (Canada) Ltd Announce Voluntary Recall of Model HL 1060 laser printer. Laser printers HL 1060
October 16, 2002 Mandolyn Electronic Technology Inc. CSA International, Mandolyn Electronic Technology Inc. and UPM Marketing Inc. Announce Voluntary Recall of Electronic Thermostats Models THM211 and THM311 Electronic Thermostats THM211 and THM311
September 13, 2002 W.C. Wood Company CSA International and W.C. Wood Company Limited Announce the Recall of Kenmore Plastic Body Dehumidifiers Dehumidifier Kenmore Plastic Body # 25338 and 25439 and 45 pint # 25345
September 6, 2002 Black and Decker CSA International Announces Voluntary Recall by Black & Decker (U.S.) Inc. to Repair Certain BT2500 10-inch Table Saws 10-inch Table Saws BT2500
August 30, 2002 Fluke Corp. CSA International and Fluke Corp. Announce Recall of Digital Multi-meters Digital Multi-meters Serial number below 79000000
July 22, 2002 Valor Heating Ltd. CSA International and Valor Heating Ltd. Announce Recall of Direct Vent Wall Furnaces Direct Vent Wall Furnaces 837AN and 837AP
July 15, 2002 In-Sink-Erator CSA International and In-Sink-Erator Announce Recall to Repair Instant Hot Water Dispensers Instant Hot Water Dispensers Hot-1 and H-330 (several brands), 175.60950, 175.50054 and 175.50056 (Kenmore®) and E-330 (Emerson®)
May 28, 2002 Philips Electronics CSA International and Philips Electronics Announce Recall of Speaker Power Adapters Sold with HP Computers Speaker Power Adapters D12-1-A-950
May 15, 2002 Milwaukee Electric Tool Canada CSA International and Milwaukee Electric Tool Canada Announce Voluntary Recall of Automotive Battery Charger, Cat. No. 48-59-0184 Automotive Battery Charger 48-59-0184