Post Date PAR # Manufacturer Post name

Product Type

Model #
January 13, 2004 Harron Trading Ltd. and CSA International Announce the Voluntary Recall of Scorpion Safety Footwear, Sold Only in Ontario Safety Footwear
September 4, 2003 CFM Keanall CSA International and CFM Keanall Announce Voluntary Retrofit of Certain Life @ Home Gas Grills Gas Grill GL450SKP
September 4, 2003 Hayward Pool Products Inc. CSA International and Hayward Pool Products Inc. Announce Voluntary Recall of Pool Heaters Pool Heaters Please see recall
July 31, 2003 Ideal Industries CSA International and Ideal Industries (Canada), Inc. Announce Voluntary Recall of Electrical Testers Electrical Testers Several, please check recall
April 16, 2003 Maytag Corp. CSA International and Maytag Corp. Announce the Recall to Repair Gas Ranges Gas Ranges MGR6772
March 13, 2003 IBM Canada Ltd CSA International and IBM Canada Announce the Recall to Repair Computer Monitors Computer Monitors Type/Model Number 6541-02N
February 26, 2003 Zenith Electronics Corporation CSA International and Zenith Announce Voluntary Recall to Repair Large-Screen Analog Projection Televisions Manufactured between 1995 and 1998 Large-Screen Analog Projection Televisions Manufactured from April 1995 through July 1997, and August 1998 through November 1998
February 10, 2003 Back-Up Power Supply Systems American Power Conversion Corp. and CSA International Announce Recall of Back-Up Power Supply Systems Back-Up Power Supply Systems Several
February 9, 2003 GSW Product Alert Regarding GSW Water Heaters Using SIT Model 650 AC4 Gas Control Water Heaters 650 AC4 Gas Control
February 9, 2003 Camping Stoves CSA International and Century Tool and Manufacturing Co. Inc. Announce the Recall of Camping Stoves Camping Stoves 4660, 4665, 4675, 4730, 4960, 72861, and 4960LLB