Post Date PAR # Manufacturer Post name

Product Type

Model #
November 24, 2010 02-10 ACL Manufacturing Inc. ACL Manufacturing Inc. Announces Recall of Safety Valve Series ACL-SV-SSO-8-24 Safety Valve ACL-SV-SSO-8-24
May 26, 2010 01-10 Various CSA International announces a product safety alert for Class FRL Fall Protection Systems Frontal-Fixed Rail Ladder Fall Protection Systems Various
February 24, 2009 02-09 Fire on Ice CSA International product alert for Fire on Ice brand gas fireplace installation kits Gas Fireplace Installation Kit DT17
February 17, 2009 01-09 Intermatic Intermatic Inc and CSA International announce the voluntary recall of certain digital timers Digital timer DT17
November 7, 2008 14-08 Blue Ember Grills CSA International and Fiesta Barbeques announce a voluntary recall to inspect and repair gas grills Barbeques FG50057 or FG50069
October 31, 2008 13-08 Effikal CSA International and Effikal announce the voluntary recall of gas vent dampers Gas Vent Dampers 3588428 through 3687571
October 2, 2008 12-08 VIESSMANN MANUFACTURING CSA International and Viessmann Manufacturing announce the voluntary exchange of Kromchröder O-RINGS in gas-fired Vitodens 200 boilers KROMSCHRÖDER O-RINGS WB2 6-24C, WB2 6-24, WB2 8-32, WB 2 11-44 , WB2 15-60
September 8, 2008 11-08 Venmar Product safety upgrade program for Venmar CES light commercial heat recovery ventilators Light Commercial Heat Recovery Ventilators 150/300 Compact, 300/600 Compact,6LC, HRV600i, 12LC, HRV1200i,PrepAir600i, PrepAir1200i,6LC, 12LC,6,
August 18, 2008 10-08 Greenway Home Products CSA International in cooperation with Greenway Home Products announces a voluntary recall of countertop water dispensers that have the built-in hot water feature Countertop water dispensers GWD2630W, PWD2635W, VWD2636W, VWD2636BLK and VWD2636RED
August 7, 2008 09-08 DEWALT Industrial Tool Company DeWALT industrial tool company and CSA International announce a voluntary recall of DC608 cordless brad nailers Straight Brad Nailers DC608