As part of CSA Group’s commitment to safety and security, we dedicate considerable attention to anti-counterfeiting measures. Consumers often unknowingly purchase products with counterfeit certification marks on them, and fake certification marks can be found in just about any industry – from prescription pill bottles to car parts. Since these products are not certified by an accredited organization, they may be missing critical safety features putting consumers at risk of potentially serious injuries, illnesses or even death. A reliable system of standards, testing and certification helps to protect the interests of retailers, regulators, specifiers, and product manufacturers. Responsible manufacturers who make the effort and investment to obtain CSA marks may lose their competitive advantage against competitors who offer counterfeit products. In addition, widespread counterfeiting can also jeopardize public confidence in products bearing legitimate approval marks, posing a significant threat to leading national brands and the profits of the companies behind them.

CSA marks appear on billions of qualified products worldwide and are widely accepted and recognized by builders, manufacturers, regulatory authorities, AHJs, specifiers and retailers. As a leader in public safety, testing and certification, CSA Group actively engages in activities and initiatives to help protect consumers while helping credible manufacturers maintain their competitive advantage.

Global Brand Protection Team

We strive to protect the integrity of CSA Group’s trademarks and other intellectual property rights from improper or fraudulent use.  Our Global Brand Protection Team is dedicated to the investigation and reporting of incidents involving products that may be unauthorized to bear the CSA mark. With the increasing number of online sales platforms, new avenues have become available for counterfeiters to sell their potentially harmful products. These advances in technology have made it easier for counterfeiters to go undetected.  CSA Group has adopted a zero-tolerance policy towards counterfeits, continually monitors the use and application of the CSA mark in ports, factories, retail environments and online, and provides opportunities for anyone to report suspect counterfeit marks online.

Education and Training

CSA Group has been protecting the lives of North Americans for nearly a century. For the past 7 years, we have been active in the training of law enforcement and custom officials to assist them in the identification of counterfeit goods. In the past year alone, we have recovered over 2 million counterfeit goods in ports. In order to help prevent the misuse or counterfeiting of our certification marks in advertising or on products, our Global Brand Protection Team works closely with and provides anti-counterfeiting training to a range of groups.

  • Law enforcement/ Customs authorities
  • Regulatory authorities and AHJs
  • Consumer groups
  • Retailers, importers and suppliers
  • Manufacturers and installers

We coordinate with manufacturers and regulatory authorities on Safety Alerts and Product Recalls.

Stakeholder Engagement and Government Relations

CSA Group is continually advocating and engaging local and international governments and associations around the world to support and implement anti-counterfeiting measures.  We help raise awareness and enact positive change by bringing the hazards posed by counterfeits to the attention of governments, the legal community, and the general public.  CSA Group is a founding member of the Canadian Anti-Counterfeiting Network (CACN) as well as a member of the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition, an association of certification organizations that is partnered with INTERPOL called CIAC – the Certification Industry Against Counterfeiting.

Reporting Suspect Counterfeit Marks

Counterfeit certification marks can place the public at the risk of serious injury, illness or death. Consumers who believe they are buying safe, certified items may in fact be getting anything but, when they purchase products with counterfeit certification marks. Responsible manufacturers who make the effort and investment to obtain CSA marks may lose their competitive advantage against competitors who offer counterfeit products. Counterfeit marks also infringe on CSA Group trademarks. CSA Group has adopted a zero tolerance policy toward counterfeits and the misuse of our certification marks. We vigorously defend our trademarks and certification marks around the world. You can help defend the public from hazardous products and maintain the integrity of CSA Group certification marks by reporting suspect counterfeit marks. Stay vigilant. Educate yourself about counterfeit products and these organizations:

  • Canadian Anti-Counterfeiting Network (CACN)
  • International Anti-counterfeiting Coalition (IACC)
  • Certification Industry Against Counterfeiting (CIAC)

Report a suspect counterfeit mark by submitting an incident report.