Subject Effective Date


Publication of Amendment No. 1 to CSA Standard Z262.1-1975, " Hockey Helmets"

December 8, 1980 Notice

1) Revision of Annual Certification Fees and Label Fees; 2) Discontinuation of CSA Certification Labels for Members of the Canadian Home Manufacturers Association; 3) Implementation of a Surcharge on Label Sales to Support the Mobile Home and Manufactured Home Standards Development Programs; and 4) Amalgamation of the Mobile Home and Manufactured Home Programs Under One Certification Service

October 27, 1980 Notice

CSA Performance Certification of Electric Heating Line-Voltage Wall Thermostats

June 21, 1979 Notice

CSA Certification Service for Water Pressure Reducting Valves for Domestic Water Supply Systems

January 1, 1980 Notice

Raw Material Requirements in the Production of CSA Certified Plastic Pipe and Pipe Fittings

January 24, 1979 Notice

Revision of Inlet connection requirements in CSA Standard B45.6-1973, Non-recirculating toilets and Waste Holding Tanks for use in Recreational vehicles

June 21, 1979 Notice

Electrical Requirements for Mobile Homes Destined for the Provinces of Alberta and British Columbia

February 14, 1979 Notice

Publication of the First Edition of CSA Standard Z259.3, Lineman's Body Belt and Lineman's Safety Strap

January 9, 1980 Notice

CSA Certification service for Low-Volume manufacturers of Recreational Vehicles

September 18, 1979 Notice

Publication of Revisions to CSA Standard Z259.l-1976, Fall Arresting Safety Belts and Lanyards for the Construction and Mining Industries

June 21, 1979 Notice