Subject Effective Date


CSA Certification Service for Pressure Regulators, Guages and Flow-Metering Devices for Medical Gas Systems

July 1, 1980 Notice

Publication of Revisions Nos. 9 through 23 to CSA Standard B125-1975, "Plumbing Fittings"

August 19, 1980 Notice

Publication of CSA Standard B376-M1980, "Portable Containers for Gasoline and other Petroleum Fuels"; and Update of Certification Procedure for these Products

October 8, 1980 Notice

Reinforcement of Particleboard Subfloor Over the Floor Area of the Water Heater Compartment in Mobile Homes

October 27, 1980 Notice

1) Revision of Annual Certification Fees and Label Fees; 2) Discontinuation of CSA Certification Labels for Members of the Canadian Home Manufacturers Association; 3) Implementation of a Surcharge on Label Sales to Support the Mobile Home and Manufactured Home Standards Development Programs; and 4) Amalgamation of the Mobile Home and Manufactured Home Programs Under One Certification Service

October 27, 1980 Notice

Mandatory Dates for Compliance with Reouirements of CSA Standard C22.l-1978, "Canadian Electrical Code, Part I" (Thirteenth Edition of the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I) in the CSA Certification Program for Manufactured Homes, Commercial/Industrial Units and Kiosks

November 21, 1980 Notice

Publication of Amendment No. 1 to CSA Standard Z262.1-1975, " Hockey Helmets"

December 8, 1980 Notice

CSA Certification Service for Factory-Assembled Wall Panels used as Components of Field Erected Homes

December 10, 1980 Notice

Extension of CSA Certification Program for Safety Belts and Lanyards to Include Fall-Arresting Devices, Personnel Lowering Devices, and Life Lines

December 31, 1980 Notice

Current Price for CSA Water Heater (Energy Efficient) Label and Water Heater (Performance Certified) Label

December 31, 1980 Notice