Understanding how your products perform can be just as important as confirming that they are safe. Verifications provided by an independent third party offer a number of benefits to retailers, public authorities, and industry including greater consumer protection and increased brand reputation and consumer trust, which help you gain a competitive advantage. We help you streamline the entire product development cycle, from pre-production to post-purchase to aid in getting your products to market. We will provide you with a full range of verification and inspection services that you need to make informed business decisions, optimize your supply chain, and maintain end-to-end quality oversight. No matter where in the world you operate, whether you’re a retailer, manufacturer, end-user or distributor, our team of experts will develop an evaluation program to meet your needs.


Manufacturers are challenged by high levels of competition and regulatory expectations when supplying their products to prospective new markets. Verification services provided by an independent third party, offer a number of benefits to public authorities and industry through greater consumer protection, increased brand reputation and consumer trust. They can gain a competitive advantage as well as the assurance of compliance to local requirements. A verification program from CSA Group provides the manufacturer with evidence that their product has been evaluated against the requirements of a known standard as well as against custom protocols.


CSA Group’s third party verifications provide retailers with a full range of services that deliver the crucial data you need to make informed decisions. These services help you deliver products that live up to end-user expectations by ensuring that they perform as advertised. Our robust product expertise and state-of-the-art laboratories support broad testing capabilities and provide the capacity required to meet aggressive project requirements.

Comparative Analytics Program

The traditional decision making process can be cumbersome, requiring sourcing professionals to rank products on gut feelings or through manual calculations, and does not facilitate unbiased decisions on pricing and performance. CSA Group’s Comparative Analytics Program serves as a negotiation tool that allows you to have real time conversations with your vendors or manufacturers about their performance in your selection process. Through our one-of-a-kind patent-pending program, you will have the ability to not only document product advantages but also utilize an independent scale that is designed to eliminate unintentional bias and provide you with a true comparison. Operating on a performance score model, you will be able to predetermine your critical to quality attributes (CTQs) and assign a weight to each attribute aligned with what is important to you. If during the negotiation process, your objectives shift or the vendor increases or decreases the price, the cloud-based program allows you to adjust the product’s price and the weights in real time, providing you an updated ranking instantaneously.

CSA Group’s global laboratory network is ready to evaluate the safety, efficiency or performance of your product.