Stronger governance

How governments can use standards as tools to help achieve the SDGs

Standards present a credible, practical tool that federal, provincial, territorial, municipal, and Indigenous governments can leverage to promote methods, best practices, and requirements consistent with the goal of creating a sustainable and resilient country:

  • The consensus-based standards development process involves a balanced stakeholder matrix. That helps ensure various economic, social, and environmental aspects are considered and integrated into standards in a balanced manner.
  • Standards are one of the key enablers in the introduction and implementation of new, emerging technologies critical to achieving sustainable development.
  • Accredited standards referenced in legislation can contribute to a stronger governance ecosystem to support the implementation of the SDGs.

Contact CSA Group’s Sustainable Development Group to discuss how our standards can support exploring the SDG strategy and actions in Canada.

Watch the videos to learn about how standards can help accelerate progress towards the SDGs:

Supporting SDG Action through Standards
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Towards a Closer Alignment Between Standards, Regulations, and the SDGs
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SDG Impact
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Understanding the UN SDGs and Standards Connection
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How the use of CSA Group standards can support SDG actions

Read about how governments and organizations can use relevant standards to support their SDG actions:

Drainage system pipes piled on top of each other and prepared for construction.

Government Perspective

CSA S503:20 Community Drainage System Planning, Design, and Maintenance in Northern Communities
A reflection of wind turbines on a smooth surface of solar panels

Industry Perspective

CSA C22.1:21 Canadian Electrical Code Part I, Safety Standard for Electrical Installations
Areal view of retention basins or stormwater retention pod

Industry Perspective

CSA W200-18 Design of Bioretention Systems
A bird’s-eye view of the northern landsape covered by permafrost

Industry Perspective

CSA S501:14 Moderating the Effects of Permafrost Degradation on Existing Building Foundations