CSA Group provides a centralized solution for your sanitation needs – from food equipment and kitchen supplies to home appliances.

Did you know?

  • Food contact material information is a key part of NSF/ANSI Certification.
  • Any polymeric material in direct contact with food will be heavily scrutinized and this often causes significant delays in a certification project. By ensuring that you have the required material documentation and a clear line of communication with your material manufacturer, you can navigate certification much more effectively.
  • Documents such as a statement of compliance to the applicable sections of the 21 CFR Code are a great starting point to food contact material compliance.
  • If you have an existing sanitation certification there is a great chance that there will be a smooth transition to CSA’s Sanitation program without the need for additional compliance testing.

Sanitation certification is a necessity for any food equipment manufacturer intending to offer products for commercial use within North America. CSA Group offers NSF/ANSI certification. The NSF/ANSI food equipment certification is globally recognized and satisfies the requirements of the majority of health inspectors internationally. As a food equipment manufacturer, the NSF/ANSI certification mark adds increased value and visibility of your product as customers look for these marks.

CSA Group provides testing, inspection, and certification services to the following standards:

Standard Example Products – Not Limited to
NSF/ANSI 2 Pantry units, cabinets, shelves, table wear, Sinks, hoods, bins, tables
NSF/ANSI 3 Commercial dishwashing, glass washing, and pot, pans, and utensil washing
NSF/ANSI 4 Ranges, ovens, fryers, griddles, broilers, toasters, coffeemakers, rotisseries
NSF/ANSI 5 Water heaters, hot water supply boilers, heat recovery equipment
NSF/ANSI 7 Refrigerators, freezers, refrigerated display cabinets, food preparation units
NSF/ANSI 8 Coffee grinders, grinders, mixers, peelers, saws, slicers, tenderizers
NSF/ANSI 18 Fountain soda machines, beverage dispensers

CSA Group Sanitation Mark

Meets standards for all applicable NSF/ANSI sanitation requirements

Component Acceptance Program for food equipment manufacturers

At CSA Group we have worked to develop a flexible approach that helps enable our customers to interchange end-user components.

Our approach to component acceptance sets us apart from many of our competitors:

  • We accept third-party certified components in certain circumstances.
  • We work with components certified by any 17065/17025 accredited certification body.

This may allow you to source products from a much broader range of sub-manufacturers compared with a single-supplier approach, helping you to get your product to the market quickly.

Top reasons to work with us:

  • Trusted expertise: With more than 100 years of respected, quality work, we are one of the leading testing and certification experts.
  • Accredited evaluation services: We will test and certify according to these standards: NSF/ANSI 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 18, 169, 184
  • Component acceptance: CSA Group offers a flexible approach to interchange end user components.
  • Commitment to efficiency: With our vast services and technical expertise, we can help you demonstrate that your products meet global regulatory requirements, and we will work with you to align our services with your timelines.