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Thanks to advances in mobile internet technology, many of us have taken advantage of the sharing economy.

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Laboratory Developed Tests can be defined as tests developed (or modified) and used within a single laboratory to carry out testing on samples.


10 billion. The cost in Canadian dollars of the 2016 Fort McMurray Fire, which burned almost 600,000 hectares.


This report focuses on the role of standards for small scale water and wastewater systems servicing 500 people in Canada's North.

Research Reports

This White Paper describes the principles of bioenergy and the role of standards in its development. This white paper explores market dynamics...

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A poor working environment is a contributor to physical and mental health problems in employees and has negative impacts on a company’s performance...

Research Reports

This report reviews the status of environmental DNA (eDNA) techniques used for sample collection and handling, eDNA extraction and analytical...

Research Reports

Download the CSA Group Centennial eBook and learn how we've held the future to a higher standard for the last 100 years.

This report outlines the standardization gaps in active assisted living technologies used to enhance the quality of life and enable independent...

Research Reports

This report discusses the public’s concerns with the ‘surveillance capitalism’ business model of the digital economy and how developing standards...

Research Reports

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