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This report addresses the considerations of safely providing equipment, supplies, and medications to individuals receiving health care at home and in

The purpose of this project was to research and develop recommendations and guidance on the potential impacts of climate change for integration into

Research Reports

Duodenoscopes are flexible fiberoptic or video gastrointestinal endoscopic devices used for examining the digestive tract from the oral cavity to the

Research Reports

This project examines communication among smart stormwater (SST) components and what is required to help ensure fail-safe operation.

This report discusses needs and content of guidance to help better plan and address the socio-economic transition of a closed mine site.

This research examines factors, hazards in workplace psychological health and safety during COVID-19 with recommendations for the future.

This report summarizes the findings of a study that investigated target reliability levels for geotechnical systems for buildings in Canada.

This report addresses policy gap by analyzing privacy implications of wellness wearables and providing recommendations to promote privacy.

Climate change in Canada is expected to bring hotter, wetter, and wilder weather, which could impact dams across the country. In the dam industry

This research project defines a new test procedure to assess the real-world energy consumption of computers in their active state