CSA International and Robertshaw Controls Company Announce the Voluntary Recall of TS-11 Thermal Safety Control Valves

In cooperation with CSA International, Robertshaw Controls Company of Carol Stream, Illinois is voluntarily recalling approximately 123,544 TS-11 Thermal Safety Control Valves and 37,500 magnet heads worldwide, including Canada. If the gas pilot light in products that use the valve goes out, the valves may stick in the open position, permitting gas to flow continuously and potentially resulting in a gas explosion and fire that could lead to severe injury and/or property damage.

Robertshaw has received reports of approximately 12 incidents with the TS-11 valve worldwide, involving up to nine injuries.

The voluntary recall applies to all TS-11 thermal safety control valves produced between February 2003 and August 2004, along with certain TS-11 components (magnet heads) produced between the same dates. These products were sold in the United States and internationally and can be identified by date codes 0306 through, and including, 0432. The date codes are printed on a white label affixed to the backside of the housing below the red button. These valves are used in commercial cooking equipment with pilot lights, including ranges, griddles, fryers, and warming trays. Such equipment was sold through original equipment manufacturers and food service equipment dealers to commercial food service providers (such as restaurants).

Commercial food service managers should call Robertshaw’s toll free number at 1(800) 232-9389 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday, or visit www.robertshaw.com to determine if their product is involved in the recall.

Robertshaw Controls Company will arrange for free repair or replacement of the recalled gas valves. If anyone smells gas near the appliance or in the building, they should immediately leave the area and call the gas company or a certified gas technician to investigate the cause. If you do not smell gas, check the pilot lights on your gas appliances. If any pilot lights are out, do not attempt to relight. Have the appliance examined by the gas company or a qualified technician. Have your date code of your TS-11 gas valve ready when you contact Robertshaw.

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