Yuk Shing Industrial Co. Ltd. and CSA International Announce Voluntary Corrective Action of “Tech Lights”.

Yuk Shing Industrial Co. Ltd. of Hong Kong and CSA International announced today the voluntary corrective action of “Tech Lights”, a flexible light product commonly known as rope light. This is preventive action to help guard against a potential electrical shock hazard in the event the product is ever cut and spliced by the consumer.

The packaging is marked “Tech Lights” and includes a complete factory assembled rope light which is surface printed “CSA LL 114805 File No. 190738”. The package also includes connector components and instructions for users who want to customize the rope light by cutting the unit to a desired length and attaching connector components provided. The instructions in the package show details for making the cut and the connection. This connection which is made by the user may separate and if so, may result in exposed live terminals and create a potential electrical shock hazard.

To date there have been no incidents of such product failures or related injuries reported to CSA International.

It should be noted that any “Tech Light” that has not been cut is not affected by this corrective action. Consumers having these “Tech Light” rope lights are advised to not make any cuts and connections as described above. If a cut and connection has already been made, the rope light should not be used and it should be forwarded to the address below for replacement.

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