Voluntary Corrective Action Program for Square D Enclosed Switches

In cooperation with CSA International, Square D Company Groupe Schneider, announce today a corrective action program involving approximately 20,000 general purpose use enclosed switches, sold in Canada. The moulded plastic “bosses” under the bottom of the line bases of the affected switches may have knitline cracks. The “bosses”provide the captivation means for thread forming screws that mount the copper line jaw connectors and switch blade connectors to the base. This could result in reduced spacings between bare live parts and the switch enclosure . Should the switch be subjected to unusually high line voltage surges, a phase to ground arc could occur. If a phase to ground arc were to occur, a potential for PERSONAL INJURY OR PROPERTY DAMAGE exists.

There have been no reported incidents in Canada or the United States.

The affected switches were manufactured between November 2, 1998 through November 15, 1999 and include the following series. Only switches with date codes 9845 through 9947 are affected.

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Cat/Series Ratings
D, CD, DU, CDU 100A, 240V ac
H, CH, HU, CHU 60A, 600V ac
H, CH, HU, CHU 100A, 600V ac

The date code can be found at the bottom of the nameplate label installed on the back of the switch door.

The corrective action program provides for the installation of a retrofit insulator under the moulded plastic base of the switches by qualified personnel. Owners of the affected switches may contact their distributor/contractor or the manufacturer for the insulator with installation instructions. The retrofit switches can be identified by the insulator that is visible after installation under the moulded plastic base.

For more information, contact Schneider Electric, Marketing Support at 1-877-615-4947