Power Saving Devices Coast Energy Management

In cooperation with CSA International, Coast Energy Management Inc., of Chandler, Ariz., announced a voluntary recall of Energy Smart Power Planners. The Power Planner is a device connected between motorized appliances and wall outlets that is intended to save electricity.

These Power Planners have reversed polarity, posing a shock hazard to consumers. Coast Energy Management has not received any reports of incidents or injuries involving these Power Planners in Canada. This voluntary recall is being conducted to prevent the possibility of injury.

The recalled Power Planners are white plastic, about 5-inches in height, and have the words “Energy Smart” printed across the front in green writing. They have a 10-amp rating and the model numbers SP010-N or SP010-NV. The model numbers are printed on a green and silver label attached to the left side of the device. The device has a three-prong plug built into the back and a three-prong receptacle on one side. A green light at the bottom of the unit flashes when the product is first plugged in and then lights steadily, indicating proper operation. The recall includes Power Planners with lot number 6/2-01, 10/2-01, 25/2-01, 28/5-01, 20/6-01 and units without a lot number. The lot number is printed on a label affixed to the back of the device just to the right side of the plug.

Home Depot, Costco and Orchard Supply Hardware stores sold these Power Planner from September 2000 through April 2002.

Consumers should unplug these devices immediately. Coast Energy Management is out of business, and a remedy is no longer available. Do not use this product. Please discard or destroy this product.