Cisco Systems Inc. and CSA International Announce Recall of Power Adapters

In cooperation with CSA International, Cisco Systems Inc., of San Jose, CA, is voluntarily recalling about 95,000 power adapters for replacement. These power adapters are used with certain Cisco Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) Routers. The adapters can overheat and melt a hole through the housing, posing a potential fire hazard. In addition, the exposed wires pose a potential shock hazard.

Cisco has received one report of an adapter overheating. No injuries or property damage have been reported.

This recall involves only power adapters with the part number “34-0949- 02”. The part number is located on the adapter label, below the Cisco Systems logo. The power adapter is a small, black AC unit, which establishes a connection between the router and an electrical outlet. The adapters are used with the ADSL Routers that provide secure, high-speed Internet access for small businesses, small offices, home offices and corporate teleworkers. The power adapters were shipped with the following ADSL routers:

Cisco 827
Cisco 827-4V
Cisco 826
Cisco SOHO77
Cisco SOHO77-50
Cisco 827-EUR

Power Adapter

Service providers and distributors worldwide sold routers with these power adapters, from April 2000 through September 2001.

Consumers should stop using the power adapters immediately, unplug the power adapter and contact Cisco to receive a free replacement. For more information, go to www.cisco.com and click on the power adapter recall link or call Cisco at (800) 553-2447, anytime.