W.C. Wood and CSA International announce voluntary corrective action program For Plastic Body Dehumidifiers

In cooperation with CSA International, W.C. Wood Company of Guelph, Ontario, announced today a voluntary corrective action program for approximately 55,000 of their Plastic Body Dehumidifiers. The control panel wiring may come into contact with the evaporator coils of the affected units. Long term contact and vibration may cause the insulation to wear through to the electrical conductor causing the unit to short out, creating a potential shock hazard if the fuse or breaker protecting the circuit does not open.

There have been no reported incidents of electrical shock or injury.

The dehumidifiers were sold across Canada from October 1999 through November 2000 under the brand names Kenmore, Sahara, Simplicity and Wood’s.

Affected products can be identified by the ‘TYPE’ number located on the marking plate located behind the removable water bucket. Products affected are TYPE DM18, DM20, DM25, DM28, DM30, DM33, DM38, DM40, DM45 and DM50. Units which have already been reworked by the manufacturer may be identified by a ‘checkmark’ rework sticker on the marking plate

Owners of affected dehumidifiers should unplug their units and call toll free at 1-866-227-6874 (English or French) to receive instructions on how to return the product for corrective service work. Before calling, obtain the model, type and serial number from the marking plate.