Product safety upgrade program for Venmar CES light commercial heat recovery ventilators

Venmar CES Inc. has advised CSA International that it has announced the following Product Safety Upgrade Program 2008 for certain light commercial heat recovery ventilators that may carry a CSA International certification mark.

Venmar CES Inc.
Product Safety Upgrade Program 2008

It has come to the attention of Venmar CES that an unlikely series of circumstances could lead to a motor overheating in specific Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) light commercial models that may result in a potential fire hazard. These units fully comply with all applicable UL and CSA standards. They are already safeguarded by circuit protection under the National Electric Code and by thermal protectors in the motors. Venmar CES will arrange for a qualified field technician to upgrade the units at no charge for the customer.

The “Product Safety Upgrade Program” is a preventive measure that Venmar CES takes today to ensure that all of its customers have total peace of mind regarding their product safety.

The “Is it my unit?” section provides instructions to help you determine if this Product Safety Upgrade Program applies to your HRV.

The “What to do” section outlines the steps to be followed to improve the safety of a unit covered by this Recall to Repair Program.

The “How to contact us” section is offering you three different options to rapidly communicate with us.

Is it my unit?

Only specific Light Commercial models produced between 1991 and 2007 are affected by this Product Safety Upgrade Program. This preventative measure does not involve HRVs manufactured before 1991 or after 2007, as well as other models not mentioned below.

The program affects select units distributed under the following brand names: Flair, Venmar, vänEE, PrepAir, Carrier, York, Heil, Aston, Broan and Venmate. This program covers only units with the following model numbers listed below. This model number is located on a silver or a black label positioned on an outside panel of the unit near the electrical service connection.

Check the silver or black label on the outside panel of your unit. The model number is written on the first or second line, in bold characters.

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Light commercial ventilation unit model numbers involved in this Product Safety Upgrade Program
Brand Models
Flair 150/300 Compact, 300/600 Compact
Venmar CES 6LC, HRV600i, 12LC, HRV1200i
PrepAir PrepAir600i, PrepAir1200i
vänEE 6LC, 12LC
Carrier 62AA-064-101XX, 62AA-127-101XX
Heil VRC 300 Compact, VRC 600 Compact
Aston HRV600i, HRV1200i
Broan HRV650, HRV1150
Venmate 600H, 1200H

What to do
What should I do if my unit is included in the Product Safety Upgrade Program?

You have a unit with a model number that is included in the list of products affected by the Product Safety Upgrade Program.

The procedure is very easy:

  1. Immediately turn the unit off and disconnect it from the power source.
  2. Contact Venmar CES to validate if your unit is included in the Product Safety Upgrade Program. Please have the model number and serial number ready before you contact us.

How to contact us

To ensure fast and efficient service, contact us using one of the following methods:

  1. Complete an online Request Form .
  2. Call our toll free helpline at 1-866-698-6283.
  3. Send a request by mail: SUP – VCES2008, 550 Lemire Blvd., Drummondville, QC, Canada, J2C 7W9. Please include the informationregarding your unit (model and serial numbers), as well as your complete contact information (name, address, phone number). We will contact you as soon as possible.

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