CSA International has received several recent reports of gas leaks resulting from the failure of corrugated metal connectors used to install Infra Red Radiant Tube Heaters. Investigation has revealed that the failures may be attributed to improper installations of the connector causing unacceptable bending or torsion leading to cracks in the connector. This Advisory is being issued to provide recommendations regarding the installation of these connectors and to alert installers and service personnel to potential problems in existing installations and should not be construed as an official directive of the manufacturer or the regulatory authority having jurisdiction. The proper installation remains the sole responsibility of the parties installing the equipment.

The operation of Radiant Tube Heaters can result in an expansion in the length of the tube of up to 1 inch for every 10 feet of tube. The installation of the connector must be made to accommodate this expansion following the heater manufacturer’s instructions and the CSA B149 Gas Installation Code. Connectors must be certified to standard CGA 6.10-M97, Connectors for Gas Appliances.

Installers and service personnel are asked to review existing installations to ensure that connectors have been properly installed and if necessary advise the owner of the equipment of the need for correction.

The installation instructions and recommendations provided by the manufacturer take precedence and must be followed. Any questions regarding the installation should be referred to the manufacturer.