Voluntary Recall of Cadet Manufacturing Company In-Wall Electric Heater Models FW, FX, LX, TK, ZA, Z, RA, RK, RLX, RW, RX, and ZC

In cooperation with CSA International, Cadet Manufacturing Company is announcing a voluntary recall of all models and variants of its Series FW, FX, LX, TK, ZA, Z, RA, RK, RLX, RW, RX, and ZC in-wall (wall insert-type) electric heaters sold under the brand names Cadet and Encore. Under certain conditions these heaters could fail, causing the units to overheat, catch fire, and spew flames and molten particles. The heaters may also become energized, creating a potential electrical shock hazard. Approximately 1.9 million of these model heaters were sold between 1982 and 1999 in both the United States and Canada. A small percentage of these units were sold in Canada. There have been two reports of incidents in Canada involving failures of the subject model heaters resulting in property damage. Heaters involved in this voluntary recall may be identified by inspecting the nameplate (sticker) located on the front of the heat box behind the front grille. If either of the brands, Cadet or Encore, and one of the models, FW, FX, LX, TK, ZA, Z, RA, RK, RLX, RW, RX, or ZC is identified, the heater is subject to this voluntary recall. Before removing the grille to identify heaters, the power supply to the heater circuit must be disconnected at the electrical panelboard to prevent accidental contact with live parts. If you are uncomfortable with these instructions, we recommend you call a licensed electrician for assistance. If the power is not disconnected, there is a risk of potential electrical shock hazard. Consumers who identify their heater as a recalled model should immediately contact the Cadet Recall Hotline at 1-800-567-2613, or visit the Cadet Manufacturing Company website at www.cadetco.com for information on the continued use of these products pending replacement. Cadet is offering replacement heaters to consumers at a reduced cost of between $25 and $57 US, depending on the heater model. To request an information packet for ordering replacement heaters or for more details, owners may contact Cadet as noted above.