CSA International and Honeywell Consumer Products Inc. Announce Voluntary Recall of Moveable Baseboard Heaters

In cooperation with CSA International, Honeywell Consumer Products Inc. (HCP) of Southborough, Mass., announced a voluntary recall of about 450,000 moveable baseboard heaters.

The heating element in these baseboard heaters can short-circuit and ignite combustible material under the heater, posing fire and burn hazards to consumers. HCP have received 53 reports of the heating element short-circuiting, including two cases where the floor beneath the heater was damaged due to fire. No injuries have been reported.

The recalled HZ-514 HCP baseboard heaters are approximately 40 inches long, 8 inches tall, and 4 inches wide, at their widest point. The white baseboard heaters have the name “Honeywell” printed on the front of the unit. The recalled heaters have the following recognizable features:
– a six-digit date code beginning with “97” on a sticker on the back or the bottom of the unit, or
– a date code beginning with the digits “8” or “9” stamped on the flat metal prong of the electrical cord’s plug, or
– a date code beginning with the digits “00” stamped on the flat metal prong of the electrical cord’s plug along with “TYPE1” possibly stamped on the bottom of the unit.

Department stores and home centers nationwide sold these baseboard heaters from October 1997 through January 2001, costing between $69 to $89. Approximately 64,116 of these baseboard heaters have been sold in Canada.

Consumers should stop using these heaters immediately, unplug them and contact HCP at 1-800-311-4204 or log on to the company’s website at www.honeywell.com  to determine whether their heater is part of the recall. Consumers with recalled units will be given instructions on how to mail back the heater to HCP in order to receive a free replacement.

Baseboard heaters with “01” stamped on the metal prong of the electrical plug or “TYPE II” stamped on the bottom of the unit are not included in this recall.

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