CSA International and Nutech R. Holdngs Inc. Announce Consumer Alert, Inspection Program for Fan Motors in Air to Air Heat Exchangers (Heat Recovery Ventilators)

In cooperation with CSA International, Nutech R. Hldngs Inc is announcing an important consumer alert and Nutech is conducting a voluntary inspection program for residential air to air heat exchangers (Heat Recovery Ventilators) as they may pose a potential fire hazard.

Units affected include the following brand names; Lifebreath, Tradewinds, Honeywell, Lennox, Fresh-X-Changer, American Aldes, Raydot, Standex, Sears Authorized Indoor Clean Air Services, Nutone and Air Flow manufactured between 1992 to 1998, all of which were manufactured by Nutech R. Hldngs Inc. Nutech is conducting the entire inspection program, and as such all inquires should be directed to Nutech at (866) 557-0535 or www.hrvinfoline.com .

It has been reported that a very small percentage, in the range of 1 in 10,000, of residential installations have been involved in fires due to an undetermined cause. It is possible that the fires, reported to have caused some property damage, may have resulted from fan motor failure. It is important to note that HRV’s using these fan motors have not been in production since mid 1998.

There have been six reported incidences in Ontario, Canada. CSA is not aware of any injuries. Approximately 59,000 units are affected by the inspection program.

Consumers should check their HRV’s, usually located near the furnace or in a mechanical room, immediately unplug affected units and contact Nutech toll-free at (866) 557-0535 or visit the web site at www.hrvinfoline.com in order to confirm that the unit was manufactured between 1992 and 1998 and to arrange for a free inspection.

The model and serial number can be found on the manufacturer’s name plate, usually located on the right hand end of the unit. Consumers should also note that fan motors affected by this inspection program are white in colour. (If the motor is not white in colour, it does not need to be inspected under this program).

During the inspection process, affected units will be examined by a qualified inspector who will report to Nutech and advise consumers on the options to repair or safely disable the unit.

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