Product Alert – RYU-ARM HR-01 Halogen Bulbs For Use in Agricultural Brooders

As a result of investigation, CSA International has determined that a number ofHR-01 halogen bulbs, manufactured by Ryu-Arm Co. Ltd. of South Korea for use in agricultural brooders, have been manufactured in a manner that is not compliant with the certified product design. Despite bearing a CSA mark, these products are not considered to be certified by CSA International and may present a shock or fire hazard.

The models in question can be identified by exposed wiring running from the bulb base to the halogen lamp (Figure 1 below). The bulbs carry a foil label with a date in the form of a six-digit number, with the first four digits representing the year and the last two the month of manufacture (eg 200402). The affected lamps were primarily manufactured in 2004, but any lamps with this construction should no longer be used.

NOTE: Users of these bulbs must be aware that when used as replacements, the bulbs can only be used in applications where the brooders carry a marking specifically permitting the use of a Ryu-Arm replacement bulb and quoting the appropriate watt rating to be used. The use of the bulbs in brooders that are not marked to permit their use could lead to situations of overheating and the potential for fire, resulting in property damage and personal injury.

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