CSA International and Laars Heating Systems Company announce a voluntary recall of gas boilers and water heaters

In cooperation with CSA International, Laars Heating Systems Company of Rochester, New Hampshire announces the voluntary recall in Canada of approximately 82 units of the 9600 CB Series Condensing Boilers and 9600 HWG Series Condensing Water Heaters. Internal black plastic venting components in the boilers and water heaters can crack and leak flue gases, including carbon monoxide (CO), posing a risk of CO poisoning.

No injuries or incidents have been reported.

This recall involves the Laars 9600 CB Condensing Boilers and Laars 9600 HWG Condensing Water Heaters. The CB series is installed as a space-heating appliance to generate hot water used in a closed-system loop for hydronic heating systems, such as baseboards or radiant flooring. The HWG series is installed as a water heater to generate hot water for domestic use, such as showers, sinks and dishwashers. Consumers can identify the units by the label on the front that includes the headline “Mark II” at the top and then either “9600 CB” or “9600 HWG” directly under the headline. The jacket colours are either putty and black, or taupe (dark grey) and black. On the right side, a data plate repeats the information, and also contains the specific model number and BTU size as indicated below. Only the following product names and model numbers are included in this recall:

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Models Input (BTUH)
Gas Boilers
CB 150 150,000
CB 175 175,000
CB 200 200,000
Water Heaters
HWG 150 150,000
HWG 175 175,000
HWG 200 200,000

Models CB 250 and HWG 250 are manufactured with an internal CPVC vent pipe (grey in colour) and are not included in this recall. Any 9600 CB or 9600 HWG boiler or water heater with internal CPVC vent pipe (grey in clour) is not affected by this recall.

The affected models were sold nationwide from November 1998 through February 2007.

If the exhaust pipe is black and your product is included in this recall, consumers should contact the Laars Service Department to arrange for a free repair. In addition, consumers should visually inspect their appliance for any evidence of cracked or deformed internal vent material, including moisture inside the jacket or white residue inside or outside of the jacket. If there is any of this evidence, the unit should be shut down and the consumer should contact the Laars Service Department immediately. Call Laars Service Department at (905) 844-8233 extension 227 between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. EST, Monday to Friday, to schedule a no-cost replacement of the affected part or visit www.Laars.com . The website will have an email link to contact the manufacturer. Have your model and serial numbers available.

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