Csa International Announces Important Consumer Safety Alert For Encore Sales “Powersource” Indoor Extension Cords

In cooperation with CSA International, Encore Sales of Concord ON is announcing an important consumer safety alert regarding indoor extension cords. These extension cords pose a potential electric shock and fire hazard and they bear counterfeit (unauthorized) registered trademarks belonging to CSA International. Consumers should stop using them immediately.

The extension cords are sold with blue paper sleeve (wrap) which is marked: “Imported by Encore Sales”, “Powersource” and a counterfeit CSA trademark. The sleeve is marked with the rating as 16/2 gauge, 13Amp – 125V. These extension cords are in 5 foot lengths and can be in white, brown or green colour. A blue label wrapped around the cord near the plug is marked with the name “Ningbo Yunhuan Electronics Group Corp., LL110595, 13A, 125V, 1625W, Cord Set” and a counterfeit CSA trademark .

Investigation by CSA International has revealed that extension cords are wired with incorrect (reverse) polarity which presents a potential shock hazard. Also the wire gauge is undersize which presents a potential fire hazard. CSA International is not aware of any injury or damage reports involving this product.

Encore Sales imported these extension cords from China and distributed them throughout Canada. Consumers could have purchased these extension cords at various retail outlets.

Consumers should stop using this extension cord immediately and discard it or return it to their point of purchase for a refund. The importer is Encore Sales, 333 North Rivermede Rd., Concord, ON. L4K 3N7 Ph (905) 738-8888 or Toll Free 1-800-387-3736.

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Electrical Extension Cord
Photo caption: Indoor extension cords imported by Encore Sales, Concord, ON bear counterfeit (unauthorized) registered trademarks belonging to CSA International and the name “Ningbo Yunhuan Electronics Group Corp. LL110595, 13A, 125V, 1625W, Cord Set.”


Anthony Toderian
Senior Media Relations Officer CSA Group
[email protected]