CSA International and CAMCO INC. Announce the Voluntary Recall of Select GE Dishwashers in Canada

CSA International, in co-operation with Camco Inc., manufacturer of GE branded dishwashers in Canada, has announced a voluntary recall of certain GE built-in dishwashers. The recall is limited to approximately 1,300 dishwashers manufactured in Canada between July 2004 and October 2004. These dishwashers were built with a design flaw that, in rare cases, can short out, overheat, and catch fire if a connector to the control is contaminated with dishwashing detergent solution.

In similar models sold in the U.S. there has been one reported case of a fire that escaped the dishwasher resulting in minor property damage. While there have been no similar incidents reported in Canada, Camco is urging consumers not to use the dishwasher until it is repaired.

The recall includes the following dishwashers: Models GSD5911J00BB, GSD5911J00CC, GSD5911J00SB, GSD5911J00WW with serial numbers starting with MG, RG, SG and TG. The serial number is located inside the unit on the left side of the tub wall.

Consumers having one of the recalled dishwashers are asked to call Camco’s Service Hotline at 1-888-532-5777 to arrange for a service call to repair the units free of charge. Before calling, consumers are advised to write down the model and serial number of their dishwasher. For information regarding Camco’s products and services, please visit the company’s Web site at www.geappliances.ca

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