CSA Group Warns of Unauthorized CSA Group Certification Marks on Wiring

CSA Group, a global provider of testing and certification services and a standards development organization, notifies members of the public of the unauthorized use of CSA Group Certification Marks that have been identified on wiring.

The affected wiring has been noted as a component on various products, mainly arriving from China.

Identification: markings identified include various electrical ratings and marked such as “VW-1 –D.C- LR83355 CSA TYPE 105°C” & “DC-600V 105C VW-1 CSA TYPE 105°C”; see photos shown below:

There have been no reports of damage, fire or injury to date.

Manufacturers, importers and consumers who are importing products and wish to verify the CSA Group certification for authenticity of products and components are encouraged to check CSA Group’s certified product listing.

Anyone who has received product(s) bearing unauthorized wiring is urged to contact CSA Group’s Anti-Counterfeiting team at: [email protected].