CSA International and Lutron Electronics Inc. Announce a Voluntary Recall of TU-WIRE® Diming Ballasts Used With Compact Fluorescent Lights

In cooperation with CSA International, Lutron Electronics Inc. of Coopersburg, PA is voluntarily recalling approximately 3,100 Tu-Wire® ballasts used with dimmable compact fluorescent lights in Canada. These ballasts, if not properly grounded, can present a risk of shock to persons who come in contact with the ballast or with a light fixture that incorporates the ballast, such as when a consumer changes a fluorescent lamp bulb.

Lutron has received no reports of incidents or injury.

The recalled ballasts have the following model numbers:

  •     2W-T426-120-1
  •     2W-T426-120-1-S
  •     2W-T426-120-1SN
  •     2W-T426-120-1N
  •     2W-T432-120-1
  •     2W-T432-120-1-S
  •     2W-T432-120-1SN
  •     2W-T432-120-1N

Only units with the model numbers listed above manufactured between July 1998 and May 2006 are being recalled. The date codes appear on the side of the ballasts as:

  •     980701 to 060518 (where the format is yymmdd), or
  •     F27 to P20 (where the format is yww -> F=1998, G= 1999, …P=2006), or
  •     07-01-1998 to 05-18-2006 (where the format is mm-dd-yyyy)

The ballasts were sold to Canadian distributors and original equipment manufacturers and are used in fixtures sold under many brand names. The recalled ballasts are used to dim compact fluorescent lighting fixtures. The ballasts are not visible once installed. Most of the lights were sold for commercial use, although some were sold for consumer use. This recall does not invlove light fixtures containing incandescent or halogen lamps or fixtures with screw-in compact fluorescent lamps or straight tube (linear) fluorescent lamps.
All fixtures that may include a recalled ballast will have the following features:

  •     120VAC
  •     26W or 32W 4-pin plug-in compact fluorescent lamp
  •     dimming control

Consumers should not touch these fixtures, since they could pose a shock hazard. Consumers should contact Lutron Electronics to arrange for a replacement of the recalled ballasts. For more information contact Lutron Electronics toll-free at (800) 793-4270 anytime, or visit their website at .

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