CSA International and VenMar Ventilation Cooperate to Announce National Safety Upgrade Program for Brand-Name Ventilation Units

In cooperation with CSA International, Venmar Ventilation of Drummundville, Quebec, announces it is launching a National Safety Upgrade Program for approximately 6,200 Venmar, Flair and Heil air exchangers sold in Canada. This program covers units with the following model numbers only:

VENMAR: units manufactured between August 1996 and February 1997, model numbers 40500, 40501, 40505, 40506, 40507 and 40508.

FLAIR: units manufactured between June 1994 and May 1995, model numbers 42300, 43100 and 43300.

HEIL: units manufactured between June 1994 and May 1995, model numbers 43102 and 43302.

The model and serial number can be found on the silver-coloured sticker displayed on the side panel of the unit. Contained in the 13-digit serial number is the year and month that the unit was manufactured. The 5th and 6th digit of the serial number identifies the year of manufacture and the 7th and 8th digit identifies the month. For example: a unit manufactured on June 1994 would be identified in a serial number similar to xxxx9406xxxxx.

Venmar is asking owners of air exchangers that are covered by this program to disconnect their unit and call 1-866-737-7770. The company will assign a technician to come to their home and make the necessary changes free of charge as soon as possible. They may also contact Venmar through its Web site at www.venmar.ca  where additional information is available.

Issues can occur if water droplets come into contact with the electronic circuit board that controls the air exchange system when very heavy snowfalls are combined with other weather conditions. This situation could create a short circuit that, under some circumstances, might cause the unit to catch fire. The modification consists of installing a metal enclosure over the electronic circuit board to insulate it from the other components of the unit.

Ventilation systems manufactured before and after the above-mentioned dates, as well as all other models not mentioned, are not covered by this program.

Although the risks are minimal, Venmar is taking these measures to ensure that all of their customers have total peace of mind regarding product safety.

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