CSA International and Schneider Electric Announce the Voluntary Recall of AFI Circuit Breakers

In cooperation with CSA International, Schneider Electric of Toronto, Ontario is voluntarily recalling approximately 100,000 Arc Fault Interrupter (AFI) Circuit Breakers. The arc interruption capability of these breakers may become inoperable due to an issue with an internal component in the electronic detection circuit. High ambient temperature and humidity levels may accelerate this issue. If the condition exists, the breaker will not properly detect or interrupt a high resistance low current arcing fault. Short circuit and overload interruption capability continues to function as intended. The recalled breakers are used with 15 and 20 amp branch circuits. They are required in bedroom circuits of new construction in accordance with the 2002 Canadian Electrical Code. The recall applies to Square D type QO, QOB, HOM and Federal Pioneer type Stab-Lok AFI breakers manufactured between March 1, 2004 and September 23, 2004. Square D AFI Circuit Breakers affected by this recall are marked with a date of manufacture (date code) of CN, DN, EN, FN, GN, HN or JN. Catalogue numbers for the affected breakers are as follows:

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Federal Pioneer AFI Circuit Breakers affected by this recall are marked with a date of manufacture (date code) of 0410 to 0439. Catalogue numbers for the affected breakers are as follows:


Consumers should push the test button on their AFI devices in their electrical panel. If the test does not interrupt the power to the circuit, contact Schneider Electric to confirm if the breaker is affected by the recall and, if required, to arrange for a free replacement through an electrical contractor. Since the AFI breaker may become inoperable over time due to this issue, AFI breakers that pass the push-to-test, still must be inspected if they were installed after March 1, 2004 and have a blue push-to-test button. Regulatory agencies, contractors and consumers may call Schneider Electric’s toll free number at 1(800) 565-6699 or visit www.schneider-electric.ca for more information. Note: AFI breakers with a round green sticker or a green push-to-test button are not affected by this recall. Installed AFI breakers do not need to be removed until the replacement AFI breakers are available as the installed AFIs will continue to provide Overload and Short Circuit Protection.

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