CSA Group Opens New Laboratory in Tokyo Japan

Facility offers testing for IT and audio/video, Measurement Device, and Medical products

CSA Group, a global provider of testing and certification services and a leading standards development organization, today announced it opened a new laboratory in Tokyo, offering testing and certification services including expanded services for medical devices and a new ingress protection testing laboratory.

The new laboratory in Tokyo specializes in testing and certification for information technology equipment and audio/video equipment, Measurement Device, and Medical products and offers schematic evaluations and on-site testing services.

“Information technology and new medical equipment are rapidly expanding fields,” said Takaki Egawa, Tokyo Operations Manager, CSA Group. “Almost everything we use today has some form of interconnectivity. CSA Group is dedicated to expanding our services in growing markets and encouraging new and innovative solutions for these products and services we use every day. Japan is a leader in innovative technologies, and we will work with our clients here to help promote their innovative products today and into the future.”

The Tokyo lab is able to evaluate and test products to applicable standards for North America, Europe and other international markets. The facility is IT/AV under 60065, 60950 and new 62368 standard as well as measurement device standard under 61010 and Medical 60601 is the most metropolitan safety testing and certification laboratory in Tokyo. Local technical experts also offer services for Appliances, IT/AV, Industrial and Medical fields.

In addition to the above services, the Tokyo laboratory will be expanding in the future to offer testing and certification for industrial products. With the addition of this new facility, CSA Group now has laboratories and offices in strategic locations throughout Asia, including China, Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore.

About CSA Group

CSA Group is an independent, membership association dedicated to safety, social good and sustainability.  Its knowledge and expertise encompass standards development; training and advisory solutions; global testing and certification services across key business areas including hazardous location and industrial, transportation, plumbing and construction, medical, safety and technology, appliances and gas, alternative energy, lighting and sustainability; as well as consumer product evaluation services.  The CSA certification mark appears on billions of products worldwide.   For more information about CSA Group visit www.csagroup.org.


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April 15, 2016