New Report Explores Proven Practices for Building a Circular Economy in Canada

TORONTO, November 23, 2022 Canada ranks among the top waste-producing countries around the world.By 2050, annual global waste generation is projected to grow by 70 per cent and consumption demands are estimated to require the resources of three Earths.1 CSA Public Policy Centre‘s new report, Rounding the Corner: Towards a Circular Economy in Canada, highlights how transitioning to a circular economy can offer an alternate path forward as the environmental costs of excessive waste continue to mount.

“Our traditional, linear economy is built around the concept of take, make and waste,” says Sunil Johal, Vice President, Public Policy at CSA Group. “The need for change is clear as the environmental costs mount. A circular economy minimizes waste and reduces emissions, which improves sustainability and economic growth.”

Moving towards a circular economy will require transformational change and participation from all sectors – including government. CSA Public Policy Centre’s latest report outlines eight key opportunities for government leaders to explore, test and adopt towards building a circular economy. This includes developing circular roadmaps at national, provincial, and local levels. Further, the report outlines new actions and initiatives that can be put in place to strengthen Canada’s commitment to the circular economy – like increased public education and awareness.

“Policymakers can play a pivotal role in accelerating our circular transition,” Johal added.

A circular economy will require a fundamentally different mindset, shifting away from the practices of consumerism and waste towards environmental sustainability.”

Visit CSA Group’s website to download Rounding the Corner: Towards a Circular Economy in Canada and to learn more about the CSA Public Policy Centre.

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1The World Bank. (2018, September 20). What a Waste: An Updated Look into the Future of Solid Waste Management.


November 23, 2022