LG Electronics Clothes Washers First In World To Meet New Sustainability Standard

Two LG ENERGY STAR® Verified Washer Models Meet Industry Standard
Advanced front-load clothes washers from LG Electronics are the first in the world to meet the requirements of the new CSA sustainability verification service for industry’s AHAM 7003-2013/CSA SPE-7003-13/UL 7003, Sustainability Standard for Household Clothes Washers.
LG models WM8000HVA and WM8000HWA achieved the scores required to meet the new environmental standard, according to CSA Group, which verified these LG units following extensive testing and data analysis.
Building on their ENERGY STAR® certification, the LG washers meet the 2013 Sustainability Standard for Household Clothes Washers based on a lifecycle approach for identifying the environmental impacts in six key areas: materials, manufacturing and operations, energy and water consumption during use, innovation, use of consumables, and end-of-life management.
The standard takes a broad, multi-attribute, holistic approach to assessing the environmental impacts of residential clothes washers. The multi-attribute approach was developed using life-cycle assessment information along with other key factors influencing product environmental performance.
“Environmental sustainability has become as important to our customers as it has been to our company for a long time,” said Chris Jung, president of home appliances, LG Electronics USA, Inc. “LG is proud to be first with washing machines verified to the new sustainability standard. Together with CSA Group, LG is leading the way in addressing various aspects of the product’s lifecycle.”
In addition to bearing the recognized CSA Group certification mark for safety and performance, the LG washing machines will also include the CSA Group sustainability mark that indicates to retailers, regulators, and consumers that a product has met the environmental performance requirements for product specific sustainability as set forth in the AHAM 7003-2013/CSA SPE-7003-13/UL 7003 Sustainability Standard for Household Clothes Washers.
“As the first manufacturer to be verified to this new sustainability standard by CSA, LG is demonstrating, objectively, to consumers that these products meet the requirements of the standard throughout their lifecycle and go well beyond simply meeting the traditional energy performance benchmarks,” said Ash Sahi, president and CEO, CSA Group. “CSA Group is committed to developing standards, testing and certification programs for sustainability that help manufacturers support their environmental claims.”
CSA Group worked closely with the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), UL Environment and other stakeholders to develop the clothes washer sustainability standard, which was announced May 16, 2013 in Washington, D.C.
Announcing the publication of the new washer sustainability standard, AHAM President Joseph M. McGuire said, “As with the previously published refrigeration standard, this residential clothes washer standard is a concrete example of the appliance industry’s commitment to sustainability. It provides a uniform measurement for retailers and consumers to compare product sustainability.”
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May 16, 2013