CSA Group and Zerofootprint Carbon Inc. to Provide Streamlined Services for Verification, Registration and Recognition of Claims of Carbon Neutrality

CSA Group, a leading global standards development, testing and certification organization and Zerofootprint Carbon Inc., a premier provider of environmental services and solutions, today announced a joint agreement providing streamlined services for businesses and organizations seeking “one-stop” solutions for demonstrating internationally recognized, third-party verified assurance of carbon neutrality. Zerofootprint Carbon Inc. clients that have calculated their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, verified them via an independent third party, and purchased Zerofootprint Carbon Inc. offsets, will be eligible to apply for the CSA Registered CarbonNeutralTM label.

The CSA Registered Carbon Neutral™ program is designed to recognize carbon neutral claims for buildings, organizations and tenants. The Program uses an independent and transparent process based on the ISO 14064 series of GHG standards. Those that meet the requirements of the program are entitled to use and display the CSA Registered Carbon Neutral™ label to communicate to customers and stakeholders their achievement of net zero GHG emissions.

“This agreement will help companies wishing to demonstrate that their carbon footprint has been measured and verified by an accepted third party to internationally recognized standards, and that the organization has been registered as carbon neutral,” says Bonnie Rose, President, Standards, CSA Group. “Recognition through the CSA Registered Carbon Neutral™ program will help provide additional credibility, as well as consumer confidence in an organization’s marketing claims.”

Zerofootprint Carbon Inc. will provide its established expertise in measuring and calculating a client’s carbon footprint, while CSA Group will register accredited third-party verification that a client’s declaration of net carbon neutrality abides by recognized international standards. Clients who successfully complete the process will be listed on CSA Group’s GHG Registries website, and will be authorized to use the CSA Registered Carbon Neutral™ label to help promote their environmental stewardship initiatives to the marketplace.

“This collaboration will raise the profile of the CSA Registered Carbon Neutral™ program with Zerofootprint Carbon clients including many international brands,” says Antony Marcil, CEO of Zerofootprint Carbon Inc. “It saves time and resources by streamlining the data collection, GHG calculation and the Label application processes, offering our clients cost-effective, one-stop access to ISO 14064-3 or Gold Standard offsets and CSA Group Registration.”

The CSA Group and Zerofootprint Carbon alliance will be available to clients globally and will provide a truly unique service offering to the market as companies will now have a simplified and cost-effective approach for GHG accounting and obtaining the neutral, third-party CSA Registered Carbon Neutral™ Label at a reduced bundle price. The agreement between CSA Group and Zerofootprint Carbon Inc. will be of particular interest to companies that have already quantified and reported on their greenhouse gas emissions through the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and other Global Reporting Initiative organizations.

About CSA Group

CSA Group is an independent, not-for-profit membership association dedicated to safety, social good and sustainability. Its knowledge and expertise encompass standards development; training and advisory solutions; global testing and certification services across key business areas including hazardous location and industrial, plumbing and construction, medical, safety and technology, appliances and gas, alternative energy, lighting and sustainability; as well as consumer product evaluation services. The CSA certification mark appears on billions of products worldwide.

About Zerofootprint Carbon Inc.

Founded in 2005, Zerofootprint Carbon is known best for: organizational and personal GHG accounting and web-based carbon calculators; product-specific carbon footprints; life cycle analysis (unitary and comparative); and energy intensity reduction consulting. We also supply geographically and sectorally diverse, high-quality, verified and validated carbon offsets. Zerofootprint also designs, builds and operates branded, co-branded and white-labeled event and travel carbon calculators and offsetting web portals for Air Canada, Air Canada Vacations and others. Zerofootprint Rewards is a sister company.www.zerofootprintcarbon.com


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CSA Group
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Product Manager
Zerofootprint Carbon Inc.
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January 21, 2014