CSA Group to Open New European Headquarters and Testing Center in 2021

Providing world-renowned CSA testing, inspection and certification services to European customers, at a central location, with expanded capabilities and direct access to knowledgeable CSA certifiers

CSA Group, the global leader in Standards Development and in Testing, Inspection and Certification, will open its new European headquarters and state-of-the-art laboratory in Bayern, Germany, in 2021. The 12,300 square-metre facility will offer a number of expanded services to European manufacturers.

“What was a vision for a long time is now becoming reality,” said Peter Mertel, Regional Vice President Europe & India, CSA Group. “With this facility, we are dramatically expanding the presence of CSA Group in Germany and Europe – and making a significant investment in our relationship with customers in the region.”

MB Park Deutschland GmbH CSA Group European Headquarters
©2020 MB Park Deutschland GmbH CSA Group European Headquarters South-West

CSA Group European Headquarters – North-East
©2020 MB Park Deutschland GmbH CSA Group European Headquarters – North-East

Conveniently and Centrally Located State-of-the-Art Facility

Centrally located in Plattling in the District of Deggendorf in Bayern, the impressive CSA Group facility is well situated in close proximity to key highways and the ICE train, in a flourishing area where innovative companies are setting up both headquarters and manufacturing facilities. The lab opening comes as demand for testing and certification has grown significantly. With the opening of this new space, CSA Group will now be able to serve as a single point of contact for multiple testing, inspection and certification services to help manufacturers launch their products more efficiently in global markets, including North America, Europe and Asia.

This lab is the largest CSA Group site in Europe, enabling it to serve European clients with local service. The state-of-the-art facility will house an administration building, two testing and inspection buildings, and 175 parking spaces to accommodate employees, clients and visitors.

A One-stop Solution for European Manufacturers

With its planned EU notified body status, IECEx and IECEE CB Scheme recognition and North American NRTL designation, CSA Group will offer a one-stop service experience for its European customers. Services will include Safety Certification, Energy Efficiency Verification, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Radio testing and Environmental testing – all in one central facility. “By offering all services under one roof, it will be more convenient and efficient for European manufacturers of industrial, healthcare, home and commercial products to do business with CSA Group, and they no longer have to ship products to multiple labs or labs outside the region,” added Mertel.

©2020 CSA Group European Headquarters
©2020 CSA Group, from left to right: Herbert Blaschke (Managing Director Isarkies), Ralph Bartsch (Managing Director Unglehrt), Hans Schmalhofer (Mayor of Plattling), Peter Mertel (Vice President Europe & India, CSA Group), Christian Bernreiter (Deggendorf District Administrator)


Expanded Capabilities for Manufacturers in Industrial, Home & Commercial, and Healthcare Sectors

For manufacturers of industrial equipment in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, mining and energy, CSA Group will offer a best-in-class hazardous location (hazloc) laboratory and industry-leading expertise for equipment testing and certification – further expanding its global leadership position in assisting customers with their explosive atmosphere needs. Supporting the hazardous area suite of services will be an underlying complement of ordinary (non-hazardous) location offerings, including energy storage (battery) testing.

For manufacturers of home and commercial products seeking testing and certification for gas, electric and battery-operated appliances and power tools, CSA Group is planning to offer a state-of-the-art laboratory staffed with knowledgeable certifiers, providing access to North America and other global markets for both safety certification and energy efficiency verification. In addition, CSA Group plans to offer IECEE CB Scheme services and Low Voltage Directive attestations for the global conformity of appliances and tools, as well as Notified Body services in Europe for gas appliances.

For manufacturers of healthcare and related equipment, CSA Group will be expanding its capacity in North American certification and global conformity services for medical, laboratory, test and measurement equipment.

The new facility also opens up greater Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), radio and environmental testing capacity for many products such as medical devices, industrial equipment, consumer products, automotive and radio equipment. An impressive state-of-the-art EMC and radio lab will be capable of testing very large equipment up to 4.2 meters in width and 4.8 meters in height, with an 8-meter turntable allowing a maximum weight of 25 tons and a 400V/200A mains supply.

Almost 200 Jobs by End of 2021

By the end of 2021, around 180 qualified employees, mainly certifiers and technicians, will work at the CSA Group site, and a further 70 job opportunities are expected to be created over the next few years.

“We are strengthening the economy of the region when companies like CSA Group settle here,” said Christian Bernreiter, Deggendorf District Administrator. The District of Deggendorf is known as a technical and research hub with future-oriented companies settling there from the R&D and automotive sectors. It’s characterized by a high quality of life, with numerous educational institutions such as the Technical University, which allows CSA Group to not only draw upon for technical talent, but also to share technical expertise with those pursuing a career in testing and certification.

This new space is a culmination of nearly two years of planning and construction, and an official launch will take place in 2021.


February 10, 2021