CSA Group to Join ICC in Development of North American Standard for Rainwater Collection Systems

Standard to seek Canadian SCC and U.S. ANSI Accreditation
The International Code Council (ICC) and CSA Group announce the joint development of a new CSA/ICC 805 Rainwater Collection System Design and Installation standard to help ensure the basic safety and performance of rainwater collection systems. The standard will be developed in accordance with both ANSI and Standards Council of Canada accreditation requirements for use throughout North America. A joint ICC and CSA Group technical committee will be assembled to develop the new standard.
“ICC is committed to the creation of standards that support the role of building safety professionals, streamline complex global markets and help manufacturers build market share,” said ICC CEO Dominic Sims.
“By working with CSA Group on this project, we can ensure uniformity throughout North America and help protect a strategic, precious natural resource, water,” said ICC President Ronald Piester. “It is important for the design, manufacturing, installation and regulatory stakeholders that a standard is harmonized from the beginning.”
CSA Group has embarked on a number of related standards projects, including the CSA B128.3 Performance of Non-Potable Water Treatment Systems, which specifies water systems requirements for treating greywater or waste water for reuse in other applications, and CSA B126 Water Cisterns.
“This new standard is an essential part of our drive toward developing standards solutions for more sustainable homes and buildings across Canada and the United States,” said Bonnie Rose, President, Standards, CSA Group. “It will help to ensure that rainwater collection systems are designed and installed properly, ensuring that people are protected from health hazards that could arise from substandard systems.”

ICC filed a Project Initiation Notification System (PINS) with the American National Standards Institute in April 2011. The Code Council is committed to the safe use of rainwater through the development of code provisions to protect water resources. A groundbreaking revision to the 2015 International Plumbing Code added comprehensive, non-potable water provisions covering sources such as rainwater, gray water and reclaimed water. The International Green Construction Code (IgCC) includes a robust section on water efficiency and alternate water sources.
This standard is especially important for regions experiencing water shortages, storm water management, and water quality issues. Many jurisdictions are seeking an industry standard to help them develop guidelines that work with their existing building codes. Many drought stricken jurisdictions, as well as those wishing to conserve natural resources, have undertaken efforts to provide their citizens with guidelines, codes and best management practices to enable the use of these systems locally.
For more information from ICC, or to be included on the contact list, contact Shawn Martin ([email protected]). For additional information from CSA Group, contact Paul Gulletson ([email protected]).

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April 23, 2013