CSA Group Launches Program to Help Organizations Disclose Environmental Performance of Products

CSA Group, a leading North American standards development organization and a key contributor to a number of globally-adopted and recognized environmental standards, today announces that it will provide services as a Product Category Rules (PCR) Program Operator.

“As a PCR Program Operator, CSA Group has expanded its sustainability portfolio to provide services to organizations and industries that are seeking to provide greater transparency on the environmental impact and performance of their products and services,” says Inga Hipsz, Director of Sustainability Standards, CSA Group. “Today’s announcement showcases the breadth and scope of CSA Group’s core competencies and serves as further evidence of our commitment toward becoming the globally-recognized leader in environmental standards development, enhancing safety, social good, and sustainability.”

As a PCR Program Operator, CSA Group will work with stakeholders to help ensure transparency and consensus throughout the development of a given set of PCRs. Manufacturers use PCRs to create Type III Environmental Product Declarations that disclose the environmental performance of products over their life cycle – including measurement of carbon footprint and energy consumption.

Approaching 100 years of knowledge and experience in developing standards, training and advisory solutions, as well as global testing and certification capabilities, CSA Group is able to provide proven and reputable services to organizations and industries seeking an internationally-recognized neutral third party to facilitate the development of their PCRs.

Through its role as the International Secretariat for the ISO/ TC 207 Environmental Management committee on behalf of the Standards Council of Canada (which includes the ISO 14020 and 14040 series of standards), CSA Group has invaluable access to industry professionals that are able to provide in-depth insight and analysis of anticipated changes in future editions of such key environmental standards.

For more information on how to engage CSA Group as a Program Operator for your industry group, contact Valerie Madarasz, Business Development Manager, at [email protected] or 877-235-9791 Ext. 88396; or go to www.csagroup.org.

About CSA Group

CSA Group is an independent, not-for-profit member-based association dedicated to advancing safety, sustainability and social good. We are an internationally-accredited standards development and testing & certification organization. We also provide consumer product evaluation and education & training services. Our broad range of knowledge and expertise includes: industrial equipment, plumbing & construction, electro-medical & healthcare, appliances & gas, alternative energy, lighting and sustainability. The CSA mark appears on billions of products around the world.

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Anthony Toderian
Manager, Corporate Affairs
CSA Group
[email protected]


June 12, 2012