CSA Group China Launches Localized Hazardous Location Services and Issues its First Certification

CSA Group, a leading global organization in standards development, testing and certification services, recently completed testing and certification services for Honeywell, a Fortune world top 100 enterprise, for products intended for use in hazardous locations (HazLoc), and issued the first “HazLoc equipment certification” to Honeywell Technology Solutions (China) at their offices in Shanghai. This marks CSA Group’s official launch of its HazLoc certification services in China. Ms. Magali Depras, Chief Operating Officer of CSA Group, visited Honeywell Technology Solutions (China) to present the certificate to Rameshbabu Songukrishnasamy, Vice President and General Manager of Honeywell Technology Solutions (China).

“The launch of our new Hazardous Locations testing and certification services is a milestone for CSA Group as we continue to add more localized services and capability in the Asian market,” said Ms. Depras. “Hazardous Location testing and certification is of vital importance due to the nature of the locations where these products are used. CSA Group will continue to work with our Chinese customers to help ensure their products meet the high safety and performance standards required for entry into global markets.”

“Honeywell Technology Solutions in China is one of our major research and development centres,” said Rameshbabu Songukrishnasamy, Vice President and General Manager of Honeywell Technology Solutions (China). “Gaining local technical support and certification services in China will help Honeywell’s products meet international requirements quickly, while providing assurance that our products have met performance and safety standards. We look forward to continuing to work with CSA Group in the future.”

CSA Group has provided HazLoc testing and certification services for Honeywell’s controllers and communication units. The project began in December 2013, and after technical reviews, laboratory assessment and field tests were conducted by CSA Group technical staff, the certificate was issued in January, 2014.

CSA Group provides HazLoc testing and certification for North America, the European Union, and IECEx certification. CSA Group’s team of technical staff for HazLoc certification will provide professional one-stop service for HazLoc testing and certification services in China and globally in the coming years. With the HazLoc certification project completed for Honeywell Technology Solutions, CSA Group has a proven track record in large-scale HazLoc testing and certification services in mainland China. In addition to the Mainland China offices, CSA Group Taiwan Laboratory can also provide HazLoc certification services.

Nancy Ge (CSA Group), Frank Zeng (CSA Group) , Rameshbabu Songukrishnasamy( Honeywell) , Qibin Liu( Honeywell), Magali Depras(CSA Group), staff of Honeywell

Nancy Ge (CSA Group), Frank Zeng (CSA Group) , Rameshbabu Songukrishnasamy ( Honeywell) , Qibin Liu ( Honeywell), Magali Depras (CSA Group), staff of Honeywell

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April 8, 2014