CSA Group Celebrates National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day with Free Copies of Hydrogen Standards

CLEVELAND – CSA Group joins the nation in celebrating the third annual National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day, which marks the growth of the industry by raising awareness of the benefits fuel cells and hydrogen technologies provide in generating reliable and resilient power, while increasing America’s energy, environmental, and economic security.

National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day is observed on October 8 (10.08), in recognition of the atomic weight of hydrogen – 1.008. Efficient, clean, and quiet fuel cells generate electricity through a chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen, without combustion.

CSA Group is proud to join with other innovative companies celebrating National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day,” said Brent Hartman, Program Manager, Standards for CSA Group. “Today’s hydrogen and the fuel cell industry is making its mark on America’s highways, as well as in factories, warehouses, businesses, universities, and public institutions by providing resilient, sustainable, and safe power.

In support of National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day and to encourage safe deployment of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, CSA Group is offering FREE Downloads, as well as significant discounts, of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell standards from October 5-16, 2017, including CSA HGV 4.9 Hydrogen Fueling Stations standard. View the list of standards offered in the promotion.

Many of the hydrogen standards currently in development at the international level are based on CSA standards that were licensed to ISO for international development. As a nationally-recognized testing laboratory, CSA Group has established high pressure testing facilities Langley, BC & Cleveland, OH for the testing and certification of components used in hydrogen applications. In addition to component testing, CSA Group has developed mobile testing equipment for fueling stations with our Hydrogen Dispenser Testing Apparatus (HDTA), deployed to validate the safety, performance, fuel quality, and point of sale accuracy of hydrogen fueling stations.

Morry Markowitz, President of the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA) explained, “As we celebrate our third annual National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day, the hydrogen and fuel cell future we worked for is making its mark today, with dynamic and growing markets across the industry. This progress is a tribute to the companies, organizations, and individuals who pioneered these technologies and made hydrogen and fuel cells an important part of the nation’s – and the world’s – energy mix.”

For more information on National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day, please visit www.hydrogenandfuelcellday.org.

About CSA Group

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October 6, 2017