CSA Group has helped manufacturers of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) and hydrogen fueling stations with high pressure testing, evaluation, and certification of components used in these applications. With world renowned experience in high pressure testing of fuel storage systems and fueling station components, our recognized marks and commitment to exceptional customer service will support your business needs.

CSA Group performs testing & certification to North American and International hydrogen tank & component standards and regulations including ANSI/CSA HGV 4 series, UN Global Technical Regulation for Fuel Cell Vehicles – UN GTR 13, and the European ECE R134 regulation. Our state-of-the-art ISO 17025 accredited laboratories utilize the latest equipment and techniques to perform hydraulic pressure testing, hydrogen gas testing, fuel system & component testing, and remote field testing. CSA Group test reports are accepted by regulatory authorities such as U.S. DOT, Japan KHK, German KBA, and Luxembourg SNCH, helping our customers to achieve global type approvals via a single provider.

Dedicated technical experts can customize programs to meet the needs of both hydrogen automotive manufacturers and suppliers to deliver:

  • Validated performance of hydrogen vehicle systems under extreme service conditions, including severe penetration, crush, crash, and fire events
  • Contract testing services for the design validation and lifetime endurance evaluation of hydrogen vehicle fuel system components
  • Technical information services related to automotive hydrogen codes, standards and regulatory compliance

Component & System Level Testing

On-Board Vehicles

  • Cylinders / Containers / Tanks
  • Valves / Check Valves / Pressure Regulators
  • Pressure Relief Devices
  • Vehicle Fuel Systems

Hydrogen Fueling Stations

  • Fueling Nozzles
  • Hoses
  • Breakaways
  • Fueling Parameter Evaluation

Assembled Hydrogen Gas Systems

  • Fuel Cell Vehicles
  • Fueling Dispensers
  • Hydrogen Fueling Stations

Hydrogen Dispenser Testing Apparatus

As part of CSA Group’s ongoing efforts to help advance the safe deployment of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, we have developed on-site evaluation testing equipment for hydrogen fueling stations. Our innovative mobile hydrogen dispenser testing apparatus (HDTA) and weights and measures device (WAM-D) validates hydrogen dispenser performance in accordance with ANSI/CSA HGV 4.3, fuel quality sampling, and verifies point of sale accuracy following NIST Handbook 44. Without a mobile test device like our HDTA, station owners must often wait for each automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to bring a vehicle to their station for testing. The HDTA replaces the need for OEM vehicle testing at each station, helping to reduce test time and associated costs.

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