Balancing Consumer Demand for Quality Products with Optimal Speed to Market

There has never been a greater or more diverse demand for quality consumer products and services. Ensuring customer loyalty and satisfaction while maintaining sustainable operating costs and profitability is a constant balancing act. It requires rigorous yet fast and efficient product evaluation – evaluation that not only keeps up with technological advances but considers environmental impact. CSA Group can help you meet this challenge head on. We appreciate that your profitability hinges on a supply chain that operates at optimum speed and efficiency, but that speed cannot undermine the product quality that consumers demand and deserve. This means that the product quality that is critical for consumer confidence and the speed to market that is critical to your business success must co-exist. And we have the product evaluation programs that can help maintain this balance – keeping your business competitive while ensuring repeat business.

Beginning-to-End Service

As a leader in global product performance evaluation services for hardline consumer products, CSA Group is committed to helping your products reach their worldwide destinations.  Our dedicated product evaluation team helps you streamline your product development cycle from beginning to end with services including:

  • Pre-production evaluations
  • Factory audits
  • Pre-purchase performance testing
  • Shipment inspections
  • Post-purchase evaluations

We deliver our full suite of product evaluation services globally from offices in North America, Europe and Asia. Our robust product expertise and state-of-the-art laboratories support broad testing capabilities and provide the capacity required to meet aggressive project requirements.

We partner with you to certify, test, and audit quality and safety – across industries and around the world.

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