LM-79 Testing

CSA Group specializes in the measurement of solid state lighting according to Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) standards including NVLAP accredited LM-79 luminaire testing. We are recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy’s CALiPER program and the Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® program for our LM-79 Luminaire testing services, and we are accredited to provide test & measurement under ISO 17025.

CSA Group’s LM-79 luminaire and lamp testing fully evaluates the assembled luminaire for total flux, electrical power, efficacy (lm/watt), chromaticity, and angular distribution of light.

CSA Group provides LM-79 luminaire and lamp testing reports for:

  • LED Lighting Facts
  • DesignLight Consortium
  • California Energy Commission Title 24

LM-80-15 Testing

CSA Group is an expert in LM-80-15 lumen maintenance testing services to measure luminous flux, color, dominant wavelength, chromaticity, and correlated color temperature (CCT) controlled to a variety of currents and LED case temperatures.

Most LED-based lighting products claim to last approximately 30,000 to 60,000 working hours and carry great promise in terms of energy efficiency and reduced need for replacement. As an expert in LM-80 lumen maintenance testing services, CSA Group can help validate product lifetime claims through this testing system under updated ENERGY STAR guidelines. IESNA TM-21 (Technical Memorandum) is now referenced in the EPA ENERGY STAR Guides to determine product lifetime claims. This mathematical algorithm uses LM-80 lumen maintenance data for extrapolation of L70 product life.

Other CSA LED Testing & Measurement Services Available

  •  CEC Title 24 Joint Appendix 8 (JA8) (dimmer flicker testing)
  • Eye Safety (ANSI/IESNA RP-27)
  • Unified Glare Rating
  • Flat Panel Display Testing
  • High-Irradiance Stress Testing
  • ETΦ LED Characterization (Electrical-Thermal-Optical)
  • Angular Distribution Characterization
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