Traditional testing systems for white light LEDs involve irradiating the phosphor with the LED for a long period of time, but the effects of aging on the LED itself can skew phosphor measurement. Fortunately, CSA Group was the first to develop and offer a total fluorescence efficiency test specifically geared for the characterization of phosphor lens materials completely independent of an LED.

With our industry-leading dual integrating sphere system, we test LED phosphor materials for:

  • Spectral reflectivity
  • Spectral transmissivity
  • Spectral absorbance
  • Spectral fluorescence (forward, backward)
  • Donaldson radiance factor (reflected, transmitted)
  • Optical throughput (normalized)
  • Opaque, semi-transparent, or transparent samples tested

High Irradiance Stress Testing utilizes CSA Group’s Elevated Temperature Irradiance Chamber (ETIC) to evaluate the deterioration of plastic samples and phosphors exposed to blue light irradiance and elevated temperature. Alternate wavelengths can be ordered for custom test conditions.

Samples are mounted in the ETIC and stressed to a maximum common irradiance across the chamber of approximately 150,000 W/m2. Each runtime test can be set at increments of 100 hours with up to eight samples per chamber. When the runtime test is complete, samples are evaluated and a report is generated to the customer.

High-Irradiance Stress Testing is useful to manufacturers of SSL lighting components including:

  • Plastic Lensing
  • Phosphors
  • Automotive
  • Adhesives
  • Reflectors

Other CSA LED Testing & Measurement services available

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