Keeping Pace with the Evolution of Building Products

The success of every construction project starts with the quality of the building materials. Construction and its related materials have been evolving throughout time, changing to match standards of living. Construction and building materials today reflect both advances in technology and the demands of growing populations – which includes maintaining maximum durability with minimal environmental impact. In addition, the industry has seen significant efficiency improvements in production, transport and assembly. With these changes, standards and testing must also evolve. Informed consumers with expectations of high quality, safety and sustainability mean suppliers must meet multiple high standards to stay competitive. CSA Group is committed to helping you meet these standards so you can continue to build upon your success.

Constructing Confidence – Your Complete Source for Testing, Certification and Standards Solutions

We work with a wide range of stakeholders in the construction and building industry, including regulators and industry groups, to ensure that our testing & certification services address the issues that are critical to your business – mainly resiliency, sustainability and the protection of building assets. As a global leader in testing & certification, our marks appear on billions of qualified products worldwide. Our fast and reliable service and turnaround times can help you achieve your goals of increased efficiency, speed to market and market access.

We partner with you to certify, test, and audit quality and safety –across industries and around the world.
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OSHA Recognition Helps CSA Group Expand Your Opportunities

Building Product Acceptance in the U.S.
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