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Global Certification Technical Update

August 2019

August 2019 Updates


Vietnam – Draft QCVN …:2019/BKHCN National Technical Regulation on Safety of Secondary Lithium Batteries

Proposed date of adoption: December 31, 2019


  • This draft technical regulation regulates technical requirements for secondary batteries lithium and secondary batteries lithium used in the devices, list of secondary batteries lithium used in the devices and corresponding HS code are provided in the Appendix A of the draft technical regulation.


  • This draft technical regulation is not applicable for secondary batteries lithium used in electric bicycles (QCVN 76:2014/BGTVT), electric motorcycles, mopeds (QCVN 91:2015/BGTVT) and secondary batteries lithium used in mobile phone, table, laptop (QCVN 101:2016/BTTTT).


  • This draft technical regulation applies to organizations and individuals who manufacture, import and distribute secondary batteries lithium and relevant agencies, organizations and individuals.
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