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Global Certification Technical Update

June 2019

June 2019 Updates

Papua New Guinea


Effective April 17, 2019

The Papua New Guinea regulator ‘NICTA’ has published the revised certification regulations under section 30 of the Radio Spectrum Regulation 2010 and the National ICT Act 2009.

The revised regulations now include all ICT equipment, all ICT-electronics equipment must be type approved and certified by NICTA before they can be used in Papua New Guinea.

The type approval process of ICT equipment seeks to achieve the following:

  • prevention of interference in public communication networks;
  • interoperability of customer equipment with ICT networks and interconnection between networks;
  • conformity to local and international standards recognized by NICTA;
  • addressing public health and safety concerns regarding emissions especially from radio communication devices;
  • strengthening post-market surveillance activities on unapproved devices; and
  • facilitating the availability of quality devices to the public.

NICTA inspectors will be conducting random checks to ensure regulatory compliance. If the ICT equipment is found to be non-compliant with applicable technical standards and CTA regulations, the supplier/s shall be notified to cease using or selling the ICT equipment and dispose it at it own expense or NICTA inspectors may seize the equipment and dispose it.

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