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Global Certification Technical Update

December 2018

December 2018 Updates



Effective August 2018, with the application of the new Communication and Informatics Ministry Regulation Number 7 year of 2018 (PM Kominfo No 7 Tahun 2018) regarding Electronically Integrated Business Licensing, there are several changes on certification procedure.

  1. Applicant must be an Indonesia LOCAL company registered with SDPPI and with NIB (Nomor Induk Berusaha/Indonesia Company Business Number).
  2. All application processes are to be moved to an Online Single Submission (OSS) system of theRepublic of Indonesia. This system can be accessed by inputting applicant’s NIB number (Business License Number) and password.
  3. Certificate validity remains 3 years, there will be no renewal process. If after 3 years of certificate issuance, the product is still manufactured, assembled, imported, or traded in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia, the applicant will need to re-certify the product. This re-certification process will be counted as a new application, so the certificate number issued after the re-certification process will be different than the first certificate number issued
  4. Certification process has changed:
    1. Previous: “Submit application documents and get testing reference letter from SDPPI Headquarters >> Pretest and official test in an SDPPI lab >> Evaluating test results and issuing certificate from SDPPI Headquarters >> Certificate issuance.
    2.  New certification process: “Testing in an SDPPI-accredited test Lab (Could be in-country SDPPI-accredited test lab or foreign SDPPI-accredited test Lab) to get the test report >> Submit test report and application documents to SDPPI headquarters for evaluation >> Certificate issuance.


Effective June 26, 2018 the Ministry of Industry issued regulation No. 15/2018 (Rev. 1). The mandatory date for application of the regulation shall be June 26, 2019 with a grace period of two years. AV products produced without the SNI mark can still be sold in the market until June 25, 2021, but the production date cannot surpass June 26, 2021.

The coverage of mandatory SNI regulation on AV products are:


No. Product Type HS Code
1 All type of TV, with size < 42” 8528.72.91

ex 8528.72.92

ex 8528.72.99

2 Disc Player DVD and Disc Player Blu-ray, including DVD combination and combination with a stand-alone Blu-ray player and not a part or component of another product; ex 8521.90.19

ex 8521.90.99

3 Car’s Audio Head Unit, except imported built-in Audio Head Unit for Imported Car ex 8527.21.00

ex 8527.29.00

4 Active Speakers, stand alone and not part or component of other products ex 8518.21.10

ex 8518.21.90

ex 8518.22.10

ex 8518.22.90

ex 8518.29.90

5 Set Top Box for TV, including satellite digital receiver for satellite, terrestrial and cable ex 8528.71.11.00


List of key points:

  • Power cords that are used for all AV products must be SNI certified (SNI for cable and SNI for plug)
    • Minimum Class I
    • Testing should follow tropical climate condition
    • Components which relate to safety should comply to SNI, IEC Standard or similar standards
  • Type 5  Certification
    • Audit (QMS ISO 9001 : 2015, Technical regarding SNI 04-6253-2001 and related regulations)
    • Sample taking
    • Product testing
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