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Global Certification Technical Update

September 2019

September 2019 Updates


Mexico (NOM) – New Regulation for Batteries, NOM-212-SCFI-2017

Effective September 28, 2019

After its publication in the Mexican Official Gazette, NOM-212-SCFI-2017 is the new Regulation for batteries which establishes the maximum permissible limits of Mercury and Cadmium as well as the labeling requirements for marketing and importing these goods into Mexico. This NOM standard will become mandatory as of September 28th and excludes all batteries that are commercialized as part of an electronic or electrical product or device that requires them for its functioning and operation.

Mexico (CONUEE) – Issues Standard on Energy Efficiency of Refrigerators and Freezers


Effective June 24, 2019

The Mexican National Commission for Energy Efficiency (CONUEE) and the National Consultative Committee of Standards for the Preservation and Rational Use of Energy Resources (CCNNPURRE) published Standard NOM-015-ENER-2018 on Energy Efficiency of Refrigerators and Freezers.

This standard sets out the maximum power consumption limits for refrigerators, refrigerators/freezers, and household freezers. It applies to domestic refrigerators, freezer/refrigerators for domestic use up to 1104 L and domestic freezers up to 850 L operated by hermetic compressor marketed in the national territory.

The following equipment are excluded from the scope:

  • Products included in Official Mexican Standard NOM-022-ENER/SCFI-2014 on Energy Efficiency and User Safety Requirements for Self-Contained Commercial Refrigeration Appliances –  Limits, Methods of Testing and Labeling
  • Wine coolers, wine cellars, water coolers, and water dispensers

It establishes the maximum energy consumption limits for refrigerators and freezers operated by hermetic compressors, the test methods for determining such energy consumption and calculates the total refrigerated volume.

It also specifies the labeling requirements. The Energy Efficiency Label must be affixed to all household refrigerators and freezers marketed in Mexico and must provide information on the energy consumption of the product in comparison with other similar products of the same type, capacity, and defrosting system. It must also contain all the information listed in Paragraph 10.3.

  • June 24, 2019 – This standard will come into force for refrigerators and freezers with capacities equal to or greater than 550 L
  • June 18, 2020 – The Standard will come into force for refrigerators and freezers with capacities equal to or greater than 400L
  • June 13, 2021 – The Standard will come into force for all refrigerators and freezers and Standard NOM-015-ENER-2012 will be completely superseded by Standard NOM-015-ENER-2018


Mexico – Draft Mexican Official Standard, PROY-NOM-230/2-SCFI-2018, Microwave Equipment for Point-To-Point and Point-To-Multipoint Multichannel Fixed Systems, Part 2: Transport

Proposed date of adoption: To be determined

Mexican Ministry of the Economy released the draft Mexican Official Standard. It sets forth the technical specifications and corresponding test methods to be satisfied by microwave radio communications equipment used in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint multichannel fixed systems operating in the following bands:

(a) 7 GHz: 7.1245 GHz-7.2365 GHz/7.2855 GHz-7.3975 GHz 7.4525 GHz-7.5645 GHz/7.6135 GHz 7.7255 GHz

(b) 10.5 GHz: 10.1500 GHz-10.3000 GHz/10.5000 GHz-10.6500 GHz

(c) 15 GHz: 14.5010 GHz-14.5850 GHz/15.2290 GHz-15.3130 GHz 14.6480 GHz-14.8440 GHz/14.9630 GHz-15.1590 GHz

(d) 23 GHz: 21.2275 GHz-21.6475 GHz/22.4595 GHz-22.8795 GHz 21.8000 GHz-22.3000 GHz/23.0000 GHz-23.5000 GHz

(e) 38 GHz: 37.0580 GHz-37.2260 GHz/38.3180 GHz-38.4860 GHz

All microwave radio communications equipment used in point-to-point and point to multipoint multichannel fixed systems that is subject to this draft Mexican Official Standard and is to be imported, marketed and/or distributed in the territory of the United Mexican States, must satisfy the specifications set forth in Technical Provision IFT 014 2018: Microwave equipment for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint multichannel fixed systems; Part 2: Transport.

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