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Global Certification Technical Update

July 2019

July 2019 Updates



Effective May 14, 2019

The Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) published the regulation and certification requirements for Compliance Approval on Communication, Multimedia, and Hybrid Equipment.

The following certification requirements have been reassessed and updated for implementation.

  • Method For Submission Of Sample

Option 1: Submit complete set of sample

Option 2: Request for on-site inspection of complete set of sample

Option 3: Applicant may submit photos of sample as per SIRIM requirements

  • Acceptance Of Test Report

Test report which is issued five years or more from its issuance date may be submitted for certification if it meeting all SIRIM criteria. It may be subject to the preliminary evaluation to ensure acceptance of test report that is more than five years.

  • Importation Document For Sample

In cases of sample without any importation document, the applicant shall submit a duly signed declaration letter that contains the following details:

  1. a) Applicant details
  2. b) Product details
  3. c) Consignor details
  4. d) Consignee details
  5. e) Mode of transport (e.g. courier, post, hand carry via maritime/rail/road/air etc.)
  6. f) Country/Place of origin
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