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Global Certification Technical Update

March 2019

March 2019 Updates


Indonesia (SDPPI) New Certification and Label Change Update

Effective January 1, 2019

SDPPI issued the new regulation “Ministry of Communication and Informatics Regulation Number 16th Year 2018” that regulates Operational Provision of Telecommunication Tools and Equipment Certification, which brings several changes to current certification process.

1. Certification of same products that are originated from different countries

This newly issued regulation, article 5 clearly states:

Telecommunication tools and / or equipment that have same brand, model/type but originating from different countries must meet the technical requirements and proven by different certificates. By this rule, it means that same products with same equipment name, same brand name, same model name, and same specification that come from difference country origins, each country origin needs to have its own certificate.

2. Certificate Revision or Change

In regard of certificate revision, article 13 states that certificate revision is possible under certain circumstances. The certificate holder must submit Certificate Revision application when the following situations occur.
A. Change of certificate holder name
B. Change Certificate holder address
C. Certificates ownership transfer to other parties

3. New Labelling Requirements

A ) Article 15, the obligation of attaching label, QR Code, and Warning Sign
1) Certificate holder must attach label and QR Code (that’s shown on the certificate) on every certified Telecommunication Tool and/or Equipment before they’re traded and/or used.
2) Certificate holder must attach warning sign on their telecommunication tools and/or devices except for short range devices.

B ) Article 16, Label and QR Code
1) The label as referred in Article 15 paragraph (1) should be made in accordance with the format as contained in Attachment II, which is an integral part of this Ministerial Regulation.

Below is the label format and example based on the attachment II of the regulation:

2) The label as referred to in paragraph (1) should be attached to each Telecommunication Tool and / or Equipment that has obtained a certificate either physically or digitally.

3) In the case that it is not possible to attach the label on Telecommunication Tools and/or Equipment, the label can be attached on the packaging of certified Telecommunication Equipment and/or Equipment.

4) The QR Code should be attached to each on the packaging of certified Telecommunication Tools and/or devices.

Below is the location of QR Code on the certificate.

C ) Article 17, Warning Sign
1) Warning signs as referred to in Article 15 paragraph (2) is:

  • Warning sign is in form of a statement that everyone is prohibited to make changes into the Telecommunication Tools and/or Devices which can cause electromagnetic interference to the surrounding environment; and
  • Warning sign should be affixed to each packaging of certified Telecommunication Tools and/or Devices.

2) The format of the warning sign should be made in accordance with the format as contained in Attachment III which is an integral part of this Ministerial Regulation.

D ) Article 18, Label and QR Code Report

The Certificate Holder must report the application of labelling, QR Code and warning signs within 30 (thirty) working days after certificate issuance by uploading photos of Telecommunication Tools and / or Devices that have been affixed by Labels, QR Code, and warning sign.

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